In the second half of this month's two-in-one Bantam release, Michele Jaffe's SECRET ADMIRER tells the tale of Lady Tuesday Arlington. Tuesday paints to stave off horrific nightmaresdreams of death that are portents of the future. When her husband is murdered, Lawrence Pickering, Special Investigator to Her Majesty the Queen, arrives to investigate Curtis's death.

The paintings incriminate Tuesday as the killer and she becomes his prime suspect. The further Lawrence gets in the investigation, the more he believes Tuesday is innocent. He calls on his powerful family to help save the woman he loves, but little does he know how close the demonic killer really is! Meanwhile, a secret admirer is sending Tuesday bizarre gifts

Michele Jaffe creates a masterful and highly suspenseful mystery with enough red herrings and stunning surprises to keep any fan enthralled. The passionate love story illuminates a remarkable couple's romance. However, unlike in LADY KILLER and previous novels, the reader never feels she is in Elizabethan England. The story reads far more like a Victorian Gothic, which depletes some enjoyment. (May, 450 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin