Image of A Secret Affair


Image of A Secret Affair

The Huxtables, that scandalous, delicious family, return as the black sheep finds a woman more notorious than he. Balogh has taken a classic plot and infused it with maturity of character
and content. It’s a love story about grown-ups for grown-ups; those who appreciate the nuances of relationships, full of passion, trust, friendship and love.

Constantine Huxtable, the family’s illegitimate cousin, is notorious for his devilish, hedonistic behavior. At 19, Hannah Reid, a commoner, married the elderly Duke of Dumbarton. Society believes the rumors of her numerous secret affairs and nothing she can do would shock them — or would it?

When she’s widowed at 30 she is free to take a lover and she chooses Constantine. However, what each believes about the other is about to change as they discover surprising truths each has worked hard to hide and a passion neither can deny. (Delacorte, Jun., 352 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin