Image of Secret Baby, Surprise Parents


Image of Secret Baby, Surprise Parents

SECRET BABY, SURPRISE PARENTS (4.5) by Liz Fielding: Acting as a surrogate mother for her sister and brother-in-law has far-reaching consequences for jewelry maker Grace McAllister. When they're killed, the tragedy brings her former lover, wealthy businessman Josh Kingsley, back into her life. The executor of the will, he controls baby Posie's fate, as well as Grace's. But the biggest complication by far -- apart from the feelings Josh and Grace still have for each other -- is a secret each keeps about Posie's real origins. It has the power to pull them apart, or cement their future. Multilayered characters, a potent conflict and some very special twists on reader-favorite plot elements make this story a joy from beginning to end.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer