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by Olivia Gates

Genre: Series, Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Desire

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A SECRET BIRTHRIGHT (4.5) by Olivia Gates: Gates has the prime line on sexy, devoted and extraordinary sheiks and strong, protective and valiant women. That, plus her intriguing storylines and sensual tension, will invade readers’ minds as they cheer this couple on through the trials in their relationship. Sheikh Fareed Aal Zaafer searches for the woman his recently deceased brother had left behind but encounters nothing but opportunists. Then Gwen McNeal pushes through his front door, begging the royal surgeon to help her little boy, his brother’s son. Fareed would move heaven and earth to help Gwen and her child, but he’s also going to have to fight his autocratic father — and his own softening heart — before he can claim them.

Reviewed By: Pat Cooper

Publisher: HARLEQUIN

Published: January 2012

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
(3 ratings)

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A Great Read!

Submitted by Jennie on November 22, 2012 - 7:41am.

Well, let me take a big breath before I start. This was FABULOUS !
I love that Olivia Gates always has alpha female heroines to match her alpha males. I love that her alpha males, once in love, will not let anything or anyone stand in their way.
Faress will do anything including lay down his life for Gwen even after finding out information that she had been lying to him. He's fiercely protective and so fabulous - just delicious!
I couldn't put this book down (and only did so because of something called a human life) . I couldn't wait to find out the truth for myself and sat on edge as it slowly revealed itself.
A great read!