One the verge of separating from his wife, a handsome executive's life changes completely when he loses his memory in a plane crash in FOUND: ONE FATHER (4). Unaware of the pending change in his marital status, he returns to his wife and daughter as a loving husband and a doting father. How long can it last? Shannon Waverly touches our hearts with this heartwarming tale of hidden secrets and love regained between two dynamic characters.

A beautiful lawyer finds herself between a rock and a hard place when she is forced to persuade her gorgeous rival to pose as THEFAKE FIANC (4) because her father is in need of legal advice and too stubborn to ask his own daughter for help. To her chagrin, her new fianc refuses to accept his temporary status and pulls out all the stops to make it permanent. Leigh Michaels once again demonstrates her wonderful gift for storytelling, diverting us with wonderful dialogue and exhilarating scenes.

A young lady comes back to the cottage of her childhood adventures to put the pieces of her troubled life together and discovers that everything has changed thanks to a ruthless developer who wants her property as well in SECRET COURTSHIP (4) by Grace Green. Sparkling with lively scenes and great character development, this pleasing love story is a reader's delight. BOOK CLUB ONLY.

NO WIFE REQUIRED! (3) by Rebecca Winters displays how everything that can go wrong will go wrong when an attractive accountant disagrees with a handsome radio host's comments. Ms. Winters flavors an interesting premise with great chemistry and engaging dialogue.

A beautiful ballerina finds herself HOLDING ON TO ALEX (3) as she battles a career-threatening injury. But although the handsome rancher feels a duty to watch over her recovery, he can't forget that she chose to be a star over being his wife. Margaret Way's gripping tale of the right kind of love at the wrong time features an endearing premise and a strong emotional intensity.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short