Image of Secret Delivery


Image of Secret Delivery

SECRET DELIVERY (4) by Delores Fossen: When Sheriff Jack Whitley rescues Alana Davis from her submerged car, he becomes an instant father -- and eight months later, nobody can take the little boy from him, not even the child's mother. Alana's memory of what happened to her at the time is missing, but her strange story of being held captive and drugged at an isolated cabin is starting to pan out, especially after Jack foils a number of attempts to kidnap her again. Alana doesn't remember giving birth, but she's determined to be her son's mother, no matter who she has to fight, including the brother who betrayed her, and whoever is trying to kill her for whatever reason. Fossen delivers a smashing suspense tale with enough twists, turns and suspects to keep readers up all night.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper