Image of The Secret of Ella and Micha


Image of The Secret of Ella and Micha

An unusual yet relatable story. The split personality heroine is a bit see-through, but likable nonetheless. Her counterpart and love interest is far less offensive than the typical rebel-without-a-cause type. Sorensen’s portrayal of the complications that accompany teenage relationships and long-distance love, as well as the longing to escape one’s past, raises her above her new adult peers.

Ella ran away from her redneck town, her drunk dad, her distant brother and the tragedy of her mom’s death. She transformed into a college girl who’s always in control. But she also ran from the only boy to ever break through her polished exterior. After a summer spent back with Micha, can Ella face her past? (FOREVER, Apr., 320 pp., $9.99, ISBN: 9781455574858, PB, 16 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Ellen Parsons