Readers will identify with this story and the multilayered characters as the themes of home, family, love and food have a strong emotional resonance. With the vibrant and colorful descriptions, you'll easily be absorbed into the sights and sounds of Los Ladrones, N.M. And with some of the tantalizing recipes for dishes served at the 100 Breakfasts cafe included, O'Neal provides a feast not only for the imagination but the taste buds as well.

After a peripatetic childhood and several years leading adventurous vacation tours around the world, Tessa Harlow tells people she's from everywhere but has never felt truly at home anywhere. After a horrific accident on one of her trips, she decides to take a break and go searching for her past. This takes her to the mountains of Los Ladrones, where she spent time as a child. It's now a draw for the hip and wealthy with its wonderful restaurants and local art scene. Tessa doesn't know it, but once she steps into 100 Breakfasts, the most exciting adventure of her life is about to begin. (BANTAM, Jan., 400 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers