In the third installment of Secret Fires, Lauren McBride returns home, a real lady, to her fathers pronouncement that she is to marry Garret Lassiter. If she doesnt, her brothers will lose their inheritance. Lauren tries to convince Garret to call off the wedding, but he wants to marry her.

Even though marrying Garret had been her lifelong dream, Lauren cant forget how he betrayed her trust the last time they were together. Now she has no choice other than to marry him.

Even though the ceremony and reception is tense, the wedding night is absolute bliss. Garret longs to tell Lauren he loves her, but is afraid she will leave him.

Little does he know, but Lauren loves him as well. However misunderstandings are rampant. When Garrets father is found murdered, their troubles multiply. Can they ever find true happiness?

Ms. OBanyon keeps the character traits of the McBrides from the previous books, though it seems that patriarch Tom McBride has softened a little. I guess facing death can do that to a person. Though the conflict between the hero and heroine could be stronger, readers of the series will not be disappointed. SENSUAL (Jun., 395 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager