Image of The Secret of Happy Ever After


Image of The Secret of Happy Ever After

Dillon’s latest tale is a tender story that strikes at the heart. It centers on the friendship between two women and their close bond with each other as they navigate the disappointments that come their way. Smartly written and delightfully sweet with a tinge of nostalgia laced throughout, this story is a wonderful treat of a read.

Bookish Anna always dreamed of having a big family of her own but living with her husband’s three stepdaughters is far from what she envisioned. She now wants her own baby as she still yearns for that fairy-tale dream. Anna’s best friend, style-perfect business owner Michelle, is not interested in love, still dealing with the fallout from her marriage and the ex-husband who can’t stay away. Yet, no matter how rough it gets for the friends and how elusive that “happy ever after” seems, both hold steady because they have each other. (BERKLEY, Apr., 480 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates