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Image of The Secret Hunter


Image of The Secret Hunter

Saville's romp is intriguing, with amusing characters, including an undercover-agent hero and a heroine who will kill for love. Although the sexual content is mild, the sensuality is on the mark, and the villain's identity is up for grabs almost to the end of the book.

Undercover English agent Daniel is invited to the estate he needs to be at for his assignment, and the girl he has fallen for is one of his hostesses. Princess, as he calls the Welsh maiden, sees straight into his heart. But Daniel has a job to do -- discover who the French spy is inside the Berwentford household.

Gwenllian knows she's no beauty, but "Oliver" treats her like a princess. Does he really care for her? Rumors that the French may launch an attack have everyone at the house party suspecting each other of being a spy.

Together, Gwenllian and Daniel work to unmask the traitor. But before they can stop him, Gwenllian is used as bait to trap Daniel, who fights like the soldier he is to save the lady of his dreams. (Wings ePress, Dec., 260 pp., $11.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith