The wit and irony contained in the novels of Jane Heller is a true joy to behold.
No one can take an everyday situation and turn it
on its ear quite like she. If you've never tried a Jane Heller book, you are
missing out on some of the most delightful, satirical and
just plain fun books around.

Like many women before her, Elizabeth Baskin suddenly finds herself worrying that the romance is going out of her marriage. For six years she and Roger were happy. Recently, it seems as if the joy and magic are slipping away. As an undercover inspector of luxury hotels, Elizabeth is used to searching for perfection. Unfortunately, Elizabeth makes a fatal mistake and tries to "fix" her unsuspecting husband Roger.

Through her celebrity reporter sister, Elizabeth learns about an exclusive doctor who claims to be a specialist in "life enhancement." Dr. Gordon Farkus, guru to the stars, can address the problem areas of one's life and fix them with a special formula. Desperate, Elizabeth makes an appointment to "enhance" Roger in order to save her marriage. While in the waiting room, Elizabeth meets another wife, Clover Hinsdale. They decide to keep in touch to monitor the progress of their husbands.

Elizabeth and Clover give their unsuspecting husbands the specialized potions only to rediscover the old saying... Be careful what you wish for!

(Feb., 336 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith