Eugenia Potter has come to Rhode Island for the summer to supervise the doings of her great-niece and nephew. She enjoys being with Jason and Janie very much but shes also happy to be around elderly Stanley Parker, whos asked her to collaborate on a cookbook with him. To kick off the collaboration, Stanley has asked her to throw a dinner party, inviting several prominent people. Genia, an accomplished chef, is happy to oblige.

Although the guests show up for the party, Stanley does not. A search finds that someone has killed him. Eugenia is shocked and saddened but seems to be the only one who feels that way. The most common sentiment over Stanleys death is relief.

Genia soon learns that all the people at the party, including her own niece and nephew, had motive to kill Stanley. It will take all of her extraordinary ability to discover the killers identity.

Using characters created by the late Virginia Rich, Nancy Pickard cooks up a delightful mystery. In addition, several gourmet recipes are included. (Jan., 272 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg