Image of A Secret Life (Hotel Marchand)


Image of A Secret Life (Hotel Marchand)
When literary agent Anthony Verdun fires his assistant, she takes revenge by releasing the real name of his most successful client to the press. Anthony heads to Indigo, La., to do damage control. Mystery author Joan Bateman is furious at being outed, and the leak has serious repercussions. The person whose history Joan's latest book is based on is attacked, clearly by someone who believes what they've read, and Joan and her blue-blooded family are horrified by her sudden notoriety. But none of this destroys Anthony's peace of mind quite so effectively as finally acknowledging the sparks between them! There's a lot going on in Barbara Dunlop's A Secret Life (3) -- and as a result, the main characters aren't fully developed. There's good chemistry between them, however, and some of the plot elements are intriguing.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer