Orphaned young and raised in foster care, waitress CeeCee Wilkes is naïve and looking for love when she meets handsome student Tim Gleason. But her involvement with Tim is a huge mistake. He and his brother are plotting a kidnapping to help secure their sister's release from prison, and CeeCee trusts Tim enough to participate.

When a flaw in the plan causes a new mother's death and leaves her child an orphan, Tim and his brother disappear -- leaving CeeCee to handle the fallout. CeeCee disappears. She becomes Eve Bailey and makes a life for herself and the baby, enjoying marriage, motherhood and a successful career as a therapist. But eventually Tim is arrested and tried for murder, and CeeCee/Eve has to decide whether or not to come forward and tell the truth.

An unusual plot and extremely strong conflicts are the backbone of this story. The main difficulty is the giant coincidence that parts of both are balanced precariously on. If readers can overlook it, however, they'll find this story enjoyable. (Feb., 384 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer