The wives of Hunting Hills, Ohio, are always busy. They think everything is "terrific." And they always speak well of their husbands, even when they're sleeping with someone else's. Hunting Hills housewives have many rules, and Marti Denton--born, bred and married into the exclusive suburb--knows them all. Too bad her husband's taken to communicating with his perfect wife through Post-it notes--totally against the rules.

Claire Stark grew up in Mudville, West Virginia, where the only rules relate to roadkill cuisine. But the international journalist married John Harding and now she's stuck with the 'burbs: fancy, useless kitchens, private school fundraisers and all. She's had no experience with women like Marti, who smiles at the country club and eviscerates Claire behind her back--all while plotting to steal John.

Reading this novel is like drinking champagne in a bubble bath: a total, but rather guilty, pleasure. Strohmeyer's prose is as bright and effervescent as that glass of bubbly, and her shallow and selfish characters amuse rather than annoy. While reality eventually intrudes, as it must, on this glib and glamorous world--with some characters getting their comeuppances and others reveal-ing hidden depths--the real fun lies in watching these proper women gone wild. (Oct., 288 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Colleen Cusick