Image of The Secret Mistress Arrangement


Image of The Secret Mistress Arrangement
THE SECRET MISTRESS ARRANGEMENT (4) by Kimberly Lang: Atlanta-based attorney Matt Jacobs heads home to Chicago to attend the wedding of his best friend. When he meets the bride's best friend Ella MacKenzie, they click. Ella's moving to a new job in Alabama, and Matt decides to stay and help her pack -- along with other enjoyable pursuits. Soon they realize that maybe something more is happening, but Ella has relationship issues and gives Matt the brush-off. Before long, however, Matt sees something Ella has kept hidden that gives him hope. This enjoyable tale about a pair who think they're embarking on a sexy fling that soon turns serious treats readers to all the emotions, and all the highs and lows, that love entails.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers