Once again, Thea Devine delves into the realm of erotic womens fiction with a tale set against the darkly sensual and mysterious underworld of Victorian Englands society.

Ever since the day her mother forced her into marriage with a dissolute, older man, Lady Genelle Tisne has dreamed about finding the passion and the love that her husband cannot give to her. Though she has had a lover, Genelle knows little about true desire.

When her husband is found murdered, Genelle hires expert investigator Rulan Roak to help clear her name. Genelle uncovers a sinister side to her husbands past that leads her into secret dens of illicit passion and forbidden seductions. In these places, she learns the truth about her husband and explores her own dormant sexuality. She also gets ensnared in the mystery surrounding her husbands death and the spiraling desire that links her to Roak.

Thea Devine draws you into the forbidden houses of prim Victorian London, opening up new avenues for the adventurous reader to probe. Though not for gentle readers, SECRET PLEASURES will hold a certain allure for those who recall the finest in Victorian erotica and Anne Rices Exit to Eden. (Reissue, Jul., 422 pp. $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin