Here are four intriguing Christmas stories with some mystery, some mayhem, some murder and some romance. New faces as well as familiar characters make this an entertaining Christmas vacation for the mind.

In Michaels’ “Mister Christmas,” lawyer Claire O‘Brien heads for Ireland. There, she finds out her wealthy client is playing matchmaker for his nephew, Quinn Conner. Bostwick’s “The Yellow Rose of Christmas” has Velvet Tudmore sure she is too old to experience love and romance. Then she meets Thaddeus Delacorte and gains a secret admirer. In “Nightmare on Elf Street,” by Levine, an interview for a writing job has Jaine Austen donning an elf costume instead. It’s not long until an attempt at getting a picture of her cat creates an opportunity for murder. In “Room at the Inn,” by Myers, Barbara and Jimmy Stanowski find themselves trapped in a cabin when a snowstorm delays their plans to spend Christmas with friends. What starts out as a disaster may turn into a Christmas blessing. (ZEBRA, Nov., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley