Image of Secret Seduction


Image of Secret Seduction
Tanner Doyle, the new security head of Confidential Rejuvenations, a VIP boutique hospital, is also the secret bodyguard for Dr. Vanessa Rodriquez. The resident plastic surgeon witnessed a murder 14 years before, and now the killer has been released and is threatening her. Tanner's wife was murdered four years before, and he hasn't been able to move on romantically, while Vanessa's need for independence and control has caused her to shut out any serious relationships. But someone is after her and if it isn't the murderer, then who? And what part does the mysterious benefactor of her career play in all this? Secret Seduction (4), by Lori Wilde, continues the Perfect Anatomy series. The adventure, sex and emotion are affecting and feel true.
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Page Traynor