The only blessing present through the aching childhoods of Kiran Whitley and Steven Dorn was their time spent in Texas with Uncle Caleb. Now Uncle Caleb has died, lonely and unforgiven for his failure to protect his beloved wife for being harassed for her African heritage. The secrets that shattered his peace continue to shadow the present.

Kiran and Steven need to resolve Uncle Caleb's legacy of love to them by doing what he would want. They aren't really cousins, and can't recover the carefree friendship they shared as children. Kiran teaches and Steve races cars so neither seem suited to Uncle Caleb's dried-up farm. Both know, however, that Uncle Caleb was the best part of their lives and they decide to work together to keep their miscreant parents from snatching the farm.

Tina Leonard brings her clear structure and psychological vision together and gently weaves the past across the lives of her characters until love heals unresolved sins and opens promises of a better future. A great read! (Oct., 388 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger