Image of Secret Sins


Image of Secret Sins

Sexy and enchanting aptly describe Wildes' latest. The protagonist of each short story becomes the master of her sexuality and goes after the object of
her affection. Love scenes are hot and steamy and contain some same-sex and menage scenes. This is delightful reading from beginning to end.

Doctor Thomas Blake has always had a secret crush on Lady Daphne Tremayne. Summoned to her bedside, he is propositioned to become her secret lover in "Servicing Lady Tremayne." Richard Terrance is kidnapped by a sect bent on performing an ancient ritual, sexual in nature. He is overcome when he realizes that the object of his love, Lady Sara Peters, is also captive in "Ritual Passion." And in "The Arrangement," Serena Prentice wants to learn how to seduce her fiance, Rayne Talbot, so she seeks advice from his former mistress, Countess Van Herold. (Phaze, Sep. '07, 152 pp., $12.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart