On her wedding day Lady Amiranth St. Clare discovers that her husband Tristen married her for her pure bloodlines, not for love. She is crushed when he leaves her to go off to war.

Tristen discovers that war is not glorious, and when he is captured, it will take him eight long and horrible years to gain his freedom and return to Amiranth. It is thoughts of her that keep him alive.

Since he has been gone, the plague has struck. One woman has survived, a beautiful woman who greets Tristen with the news that his wife died. But there is something hauntingly familiar about the woman who calls herself Lily, Amiranths cousin.

Shana Abi is at her best when creating strong characters and a powerful, original plotline; she is at her finest in THE SECRET SWAN. I was immediately enthralled and kept spellbound as I became a part of the romance and felt as if I, too, lived during the terrible plague-ridden days and would now fight for my love. This is storytelling at its best. SENSUAL (Apr., 393 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin