Image of Secret Ties


Image of Secret Ties

A wealth of varied sex scenes and a daring exploration of multiple loves make this tale a must-read. Carew definitely knows how to turn up the heat, and her descriptions of the physical and mental aspects of BDSM are spot on. If you've ever fantasized about being the only woman in bed with more than one man at a time, this book deserves a spot on top of your to-be-read pile. And if one of those men in your fantasy has a tragic past, this tale is sure to satisfy.

From the moment they meet, Max immediately awakens longings in Summer that she didn't even know she had. Before long, Max begins to teach her the joys of submitting to an experienced dominant -- lessons Summer is all too eager to learn.

She eventually feels confident enough to share what she's learned with Shane and Kyle, the other men in her life. But will Summer have to choose between the three men she cares about the most -- or can she have them all? (st. martin's griffin, Jul., 272 pp., $13.95)
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Rhomylly Forbes