Image of The Secret Tree


Image of The Secret Tree

Standiford ventures into middle grade with lovely results, perfectly capturing the feel of summer. Minty is a great heroine, feisty, relatable and fun. Sometimes it seems as if there aren’t any stories about regular girls in YA today, but Standiford’s got it covered, thank goodness!

It’s summertime, and Minty is ready to practice roller derby with her best friend, Paz. Only Paz is hanging out with some annoying cool girls, and Minty’s left to her own devices. In the woods she finds a giant old tree with secrets inside, and in an abandoned house nearby, she meets a strange boy named Raymond. That’s when things really get interesting. (SCHOLASTIC, May, 256 pp., $16.99, HC, ISBN: 9780545334792, 8 & Up)
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Marie Bongiorno