Image of Secret Weapon


Image of Secret Weapon

Carew puts a “by the rules” cop with the free-spirited woman of his dreams, stirs in a couple of fellow cops and then lights a match. The sex is blisteringly hot (and lots of fun to read) but the emotional connection between the main characters isn’t and even all that sex can’t overcome it. The heroine comes across as a flighty flake and while the hero appears to be a stand-up guy who’ll do anything for the woman he loves, his capitulation to her wild lifestyle doesn’t ring true.

Janine’s always had a thing for guys in uniform and threesomes, but she’s shocked when the man her boyfriend invites to join them for a little “stranger” role-playing is Sloan — the man she’d fled LA to forget. Sloan has always loved Janine and he moved to the small Maine town for a second chance to win her, even though she’s refusing to let him back into her life. But Sloan is a determined man and he’s going to marry Janine — no matter what he has to do to convince that he’s the man she needs. (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Sep., 256 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper