Image of Secret of the White Rose (Detective Simon Ziele)


Image of Secret of the White Rose (Detective Simon Ziele)

Detective Ziele teams up again with criminologist Alistair Sinclair for another adventure. This historical mystery is rich with detail about turn-of-the-last century New York and the fledgling field of criminology. If Ziele’s romantic interest, Isabelle, seems a little too involved in the investigation, that can be forgiven since she is logical and helpful. The characters, setting and plot are all great; plus, the anarchists remind us that terrorists are nothing new.

Simon Ziele is called to a crime scene by criminologist Alistair Sinclair, who this time is not just analyzing the criminals, but is personally involved. The judge presiding over an anarchist bomber’s trial has been murdered. While under pressure to round up the anarchist’s henchmen — and any other anarchists that can be found — Ziele pursues leads that Sinclair has taught him to recognize at the crime scene, and soon connects the judge’s and two other murders to Sinclair’s law school days. With Sinclair impeding the investigation rather than helping, Ziele is hard pressed to unravel the threads. (MINOTAUR, May, 400 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan