Regina Harrison escapes the evil Cross brothers by donning a nun's habit. As the only witness to the murder of her father, a detective for Abe Grand, Regina must flee.

Even when she arrives in Calcutta, Missouri, Regina keeps up the masquerade, caring for orphans and feeling safe from the Crosses. But the night Cole Wellington kissed her in a dark alley still lingers in her memory.

Cole has never forgotten that kiss either; so when the little nun literally runs into his arms, he agrees to help. Cole has no idea that Regina can lead him to his sworn enemy, Luke Sutter, a man who works for Abe Grand.

While hiding out at Cole's brother's ranch, Cole and Regina give in to their attraction. Regina and Cole travel to St. Louis where Cole plans to turn Regina over to Grand in exchange for Sutter.

Regina is disillusioned by Cole's need for revenge, but when Cross captures Regina, holding her hostage, Cole is forced to work with Sutter to set her free.

A SECRET YEARNING is a well written romance with an intriguing cast of characters. SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner