Image of Secretary Mistress, Convenient Wife


Image of Secretary Mistress, Convenient Wife
Italian businessman Fabian Moritzzoni wants an heir to carry on the family name, but he has no use for love. When his personal assistant takes a leave of absence, she's replaced by Laura Greenwood, who's working to rebuild her life after some devastating traumas. There's an instant pull of attraction, and Fabian thinks he's found his future wife. Laura is excited when Fabian proposes, until he tells her the reason for the marriage. Two people who have been emotionally damaged in the name of love meet in Maggie Cox's Secretary Mistress, Convenient Wife (3), and their different reactions to their first loves set them on a collision course. The hero is too dictatorial for much of the story, and it's only when he meets the heroine halfway that the romance truly shines.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers