Image of Secrets


Image of Secrets

Christian English suffers near- total loss of memory. He remembers nothing prior to his horrific experiences as a slave in the Middle East. Gideon Harwood rescues Christian, bringing him home to England to recover at Critchley Manor. In residence are Gideon's wife, Julia, a woman named Bethany and her younger sister, Bliss, both rescued from a life on the streets.

Christian and Bethany are in love, but she believes her shameful secrets make declaring that love impossible, and Christian believes he must know his true identity to be worthy of her.

Cullman takes some risks with this one, by giving well-crafted nods to both the glittering society of the ton and the era's seamy underside. She succeeds and earns well-deserved kudos for this stylish Regency, which plays out like a hot-air balloon ride caught in a windstorm of emotion. SENSUAL (Jan., 342 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger