Deveraux is back with a compelling romance merged with intriguing mystery elements. The protagonists' romantic journey is a sweet tale to watch unfold, while the sheer number of deceptions and multiple characters taking undercover assignments will keep readers
trying to guess the next plot twist.

Cassie fell in love with Jefferson Ames as a child and has wanted to be near him ever since. Now an adult, she discovers he's a widower and jumps at the chance to become a nanny to his young daughter. But Cassie soon realizes all is not as it seems in his household.

Jefferson, his friends and even his elderly father are caught up in the machinations of their eccentric movie-actress neighbor. This clever old woman is not only fond of acting onscreen, she also encourages role-playing and even facilitates a murder-mystery re-enactment.Cassie and Jefferson must figure out what really happened in her past and whether the two of them have a future together. (ATRIA, May, 320 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel