This is an inspiring story of a parole officer who has never known what it is like to be loved and the sign-language teacher who helps him rediscover himself and open his heart.

Parole officer Jordan La Clour walks into Scotland Kennedy's classroom to learn sign language so that he can communicate with a hearing-impaired offender who's been assigned to him. Both Jordan and Scotland are immediately attracted to one another, but Jordan is held captive by demons of his past and tries to avoid her. Scotland, however, is convinced that Jordan is her future husband and embarks on a journey to win his affections by showing him unconditional love and patience.

Hudson-Smith does an outstanding job of developing both lead characters, showing their flaws and strengths. She guides readers through the stages of Jordan and Scotland's relationship, capturing each with beauty and grace. The story is deeply rooted in the author's spirituality and emanates with love, family and romance. The novel inspires you to become a better person and will leave you feeling warm inside from beginning to end. A truly inspiring novel! (Jan., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Autumn M. Harrison