Anthony Sparhawk spends his last night before joining a British regiment with lovely Catie Hazard, unaware he will return years later her enemy, a redcoat bent on ruining her country's dream of freedom and her peaceful life.

Jon Sparhawk asks the well respected widow Hazard to spy on the British officer quartered in her tavern, his turncoat cousin, Major Anthony Sparhawk. Like Catie, Anthony has been asked to report on his old friends and one-time neighbors. His loyalty to the crown is put to the test time and again. He must watch his every step or be considered as much a traitor as his cousin. But Anthony cannot control his longing for the lovely Catie or forget that night so long ago. Desiring her heart, he woos Catie with gifts and his gentleness. But Catie has secrets she vows to not reveal until she can be sure of his love and where his loyalties lie.

Those remarkable Sparhawks return to enthrall those who devour revolutionary romances that capture the atmosphere, adventure and history of this turbulent era. Miranda Jarrett fans will enjoy reacquainting themselves with the Sparhawks and relish this powerful, emotional tale of loyalty, love and honor. SENSUAL (May, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin