Sellers keeps the tension and suspense running high in her second novel about Detective Wade Jackson. As Wade is drawn into his newest case, he is also juggling personal life hurdles. Readers will thrive on the energy from this book and be impatient for the next.

The evidence in the case of a raped and murdered social worker immediately points to the abusive father of a little boy she was assigned to protect. However, the deeper Wade digs, the more overlaps he finds with a series of recent rapes in the area. The case takes a more dramatic turn when the victim’s best friend disappears. It will take all of Wade’s skills to bring this latest victim home alive. At the same time, he’s working on repairing his relationship with his daughter and trying to keep his relationship with Kera strong when her husband unexpectedly returns home. (SPELLBINDER, Feb., 300 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper