Mackenzie's immortal warriors are once again trying to rectify an old wrong. This new chapter adds even more mystical elements to the series
as a notorious highwayman tries to change his family's tragic history. Mackenzie (aka historical author Sara Bennett) demonstrates a real gift for blending paranormal elements, including time travel, to create stories that are emotionally multifaceted as well
as action packed. This is one multi-talented author!

Immortal warrior Nathaniel Raven has been waiting a long time to exact revenge on the man he blames for his family's destruction. At the whim of the immortal "Sorceress," Raven is awakened from his centuries of slumber with instructions to find modern mortal Melanie Jones and convince her to help in his quest.

Solicitor Melanie arrives in Cornwall with the task of inventorying the Ravenswood estate, once owned by a notorious highwayman. Practical, she never dreams that she will be suddenly thrust into a dangerous quest with a mysterious stranger against a foe who may not be mortal or human.

(AVON, Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith