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Married to the elderly Sir Digby Overton, Rosamund Overton lives a quiet life, her time taken up with estate matters and her stud farm. But their estate is threatened when Digby is unable to produce an heir.

When he hints that Rosamund should find a young gentleman, she and her madcap cousin, Diana, Countess of Aridly, attend a masked ball in the hopes of finding a suitable paramour. But while there, Rosamunds courage deserts her.

On the way home, she sees a man lying unconscious by the side of the road. Her assistance sets in motion a chain of events Rosamund will never forget.

He is Lord Brand Malloran, half-brother to the powerful Marquis of Rothgar. As Rosamund leaves him, she holds her memories and her love of Brand close to her heart, and hopes that she carries the child she so desperately needs.

Brand searches for his mysterious lady. Fate brings them together under sad circumstances and Brand must find a way for he and Rosamund to be together.

SECRETS OF THE NIGHT is the fourth book in the Malloran series and Ms. Beverley does not disappoint as she weaves a poignant tale of forbidden love. This sparkling talent is a joy to read. SENSUAL (July, 334 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond