Image of Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage (Secret Brides)


Image of Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage (Secret Brides)

From the gripping opening line to the highly satisfying climax, Bowman keeps readers in her grasp with her unique storytelling and unconventional plotting. Readers will be captivated by how her smart and sensual story unfolds.

Kate Townsende is in the Tower awaiting trial for killing her heartless husband. As a duchess/murderess she is fodder for gossip. Publisher James Bancroft, Viscount Medford, hopes he can convince her to tell her side in a pamphlet he’ll publish. He promises to obtain her a lawyer in exchange for her story. James knows that the pamphlet will make him a fortune. He never counts on his immediate attraction to Kate, or her audacious request: She will share her story if James will allow her to live in his home under house arrest. Unable to deny his desire for her and curious about her claims of innocence, James brings Kate home. Seduction and the hunt for the truth merge as James and Kate fall in love. (ST. MARTIN’S, Oct., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin