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Image of Secrets in the Shadows (The Guardians of the Night, Book 2)


Image of Secrets in the Shadows (The Guardians of the Night, Book 2)

Black is back and really hitting her stride in the second installment of the Guardians of the Night series. Secrets and lies can backfire, and they certainly do in this gripping supernatural drama. As the layers peel back, the characters and their motivations become more complex. Black's voice is a perfect fit for her supernatural stories.

As a Guardian, a vampire who does not kill, Jules Gerard has fought and killed many rogue vampires. There's one he's desperate to get: Ian Squires, the former friend who betrayed and made him. When Jules learns Ian's in Baltimore, he defies Eli, the Guardians' founder, to go after him.

Human P.I. Hannah Moore is hired to follow and protect Jules. Though Jules suspects that Ian's set a trap for him, he has no idea of the forces at play. Eli didn't want Jules to go to Baltimore because of what he would learn about Eli's past actions and their terrible repercussions. As for Hannah, despite being the lone human, she's no pushover and is the first to recognize the strings being pulled and their ramifications. Keeping one stubborn vampire alive may cost Hannah more than she ever dreamed.

(TOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE, May, 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith