Image of The Secrets She Carried


Image of The Secrets She Carried
THE SECRETS SHE CARRIED (3) by Lynne Graham: Wealthy hotelier Christopher Donakis has just seen a ghost in the personnel portfolio of the spas he’s purchasing — the woman who betrayed him both professionally and personally. Erin Turner just found out that the man who walked out of her life without a backward glance will be her new boss, and worse, he’s using extortion to get his way with her. There are secrets she needs to protect, but Cristo has a tenacity that may be her undoing. Graham’s hero and heroine don’t get mad — they get even — in this second chance romance featuring a pair of twins who will win readers’ hearts. Although the movement of the novel could have been more fluid, love scenes that sizzle make this a very enjoyable read.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt