This sexy anthology will excite readers with its diverse selection of delectable, sexy tales, which range from a 14th-century love story to ones about a sci-fi rebel who falls for an irresistible research scientist, a trio of determined vampires who battle for the same woman and a virgin sacrifice who falls in love with a beast. A cornucopia of pure delight!

A stolen kiss from a sorcerer lands Ariana in deep trouble. Marcus follows her through time and snatches her back to the 14th century. His revenge for the theft of his magic sparks a fiery blast of desire in Aames' "Temptation in Time." Wyndfield's "Night Heat" pits Jemma, a research scientist, against the ravages of disease and the seductive lure of rebel leader Rip Bowhite. The amulet she wears generates heat when they make love, a sign that he is her chosen mate -- if she decides she wants him.

Ailis is chosen to be the bride-feast for the beast. Her virgin blood will help to sustain the hope of a good harvest, but she could also lose her lifeblood if the beast rejects her. Ailis soon learns that she's in more danger if she loses her heart to the beast than she is from his claws in Barlowe's "Ailis and the Beast." Beth knows what it's like to have a vampire after you -- she almost lost her life to one a few years before. Now the nightmare is back. Her ex-boyfriend has developed fangs and Morgan, the one man who can save her, has a sensual claw or two up his own sleeve in Knight's "Soul Kisses." (Dec., 316 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith