Image of Secrets, Vol. 19: Timeless Passions


Image of Secrets, Vol. 19: Timeless Passions

This is an eclectic mix of titles with plenty here to entertain all tastes. The heat and chemistry for all the couples is sexy
and at times sweet and tender. All the authors provide fine short stories perfect for a quick read. The authors entertain while not making the reader feel as if she's been cheated by the short word count. Menage, time travel, historical and contemporary elements are present.

In "Affliction" by Adams, Holly Aronson has experienced things that no one should ever have to. Andrew makes her feel safe and she wants to love him, but she's attracted to his friend Shane, who makes her feel anything but safe.

In "Falling Stars" by Scott, Daria is the fifth daughter of the royal house of Primon. Her sister, who was betrothed to General Kristiano Raven, was killed years earlier in an accident. Now, the potential alliance between the two worlds is in danger. When a new threat arises, Daria must save the alliance while not losing herself to Raven, even though he makes her melt.

In "Toys in the Attic" by Ferare, Gabrielle Rourke is on a much-needed vacation but the only room she can find is in an attic with a stone statue of a nude man. She can overlook the hunk of stone -- but then it comes to life.

In Walker's "What You Wish For," Lucy Chambers is haunted by visions of a handsome man. She visits a witch and wishes to meet her dream man. Suddenly her life is about to become different ... very different, as she's propelled through time. Will she get her happy ending? (Red Sage, Jul., 320 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers