Image of Secrets, Vol. 24: Surrender to Seduction


Image of Secrets, Vol. 24: Surrender to Seduction

Each fast-paced story entertains and offers a glimpse into the lives of some extraordinary couples. The plots are diverse, but they deliver excitement and red-hot seduction. Readers will be riveted by these talented authors' exciting tales.

P.I. Jack Slater has infiltrated the Lollipop Lounge with his wits, and a G-string, to investigate the establishment and its owner, Vivian Steele. Their strong attraction cannot distract Jack, who is out to prove Vivian's guilt or innocence in Varano's "Hot on Her Heels." In "Shadow Wolf," by Monet, bounty hunter Dia Nahiutras' covert assignment leads her to her potential mate, Roark D'Reincolt. Roark will have to forgive Dia's initial betrayal to find a lasting love.

Annie Shane is tired of being a good girl and lets loose at her high school reunion with Luke Kendall. Luke is finally willing to commit, but he has to convince this new Annie to take a chance on him in Moore's "Bad to the Bone." In "War God," by Aames, Estelle Eaton discovers ultimate passion with a possessive lover who believes she embodies the essence of goddess Aphrodite. Ares, god of war, will have to learn some new tricks if he wants to keep the woman he loves at his side this time around. (Red Sage, Aug., 316 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart