Image of Seduce and Rescue


Image of Seduce and Rescue
SEDUCE AND RESCUE (3) by Jillian Burns: Lt. Col. Ethan Grady visits a sexy masseuse to relieve tension and ends up burning her massage studio to the ground in the second book in Burns’ Las Vegas trilogy. Lily Langford isn’t fazed by the loss of her business. Instead, free-spirited Lily is so swept off her feet by the hunky Air Force pilot that she moves in with him and proceeds to “unblock his chakra.” She can also “see auras,” which adds a light paranormal touch to the story. Ethan engages in some un-hero-like behavior, though; he spends most of his time clenching his fists in anger, and even gets a little rough and gropes Lily against her will at one point.
Reviewed by: 
Andrew Shaffer