Image of To Seduce a Bride (Courtship Wars, Book 3)


Image of To Seduce a Bride (Courtship Wars, Book 3)

Jordan deftly balances wit, romance and adventure in the third Loring sister's enchanting love story. The courtship wars Jordan's delightful characters engage in are worth fighting, and with plots like this, one can only hope the battles continue.

Lily Loring has sworn off marriage. Even though her sisters fell into the marriage trap, she vows she won't. But then Heath Griffin, Lord Claybourne, falls in love with her. To escape his hot pursuit, Lily hides out in a boardinghouse run by a pair of retired courtesans who pay her to teach proper behavior to members of the demimonde.

They urge Lily to play a "game" with Heath: let him woo her to win points to court her properly. Meanwhile, Lily helps a friend elude a gangster, rescues a damsel in distress and practices sword and love play with Heath. How long can she resist falling in love with a man who seduces her so expertly? (Ballantine, Apr., 405 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin