Award-winning Frank boldly charts a new course with the launch of this rich futuristic series. This novel sets up the players and gives the first glimpses of new worlds where an elite group of soldiers form the Extreme Tactics Force (ETF) of the Interplanetary Militia. Frank does a terrific job balancing an action-packed adventure with elements of treachery, drama and romance. Fortunately, the next installment is just around the corner!

Commander Bronse Chapel of the ETF and one of his men are nearly killed during a mission, and the evidence points toward it being a setup to murder Bronse. Bronse has been dreaming of a beautiful woman warning him of danger, but he is stunned to discover she is real, and being held prisoner. When new orders send Bronse’s team into what is certainly a trap, they manage to circumvent the plot and rescue Ravenna and her brother. Ravenna and her family are Chosen Ones whose extraordinary powers could benefit ETF, but only if they can stop the plots against Bronse. (BALLANTINE, Apr., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith