Image of To Seduce a Texan (Zebra Historical Romance)


Image of To Seduce a Texan (Zebra Historical Romance)

Seeking the ideal blending of humor and history, passion and poignancy? It's
all here in Gentry's western charmer as this consummate storyteller brings a new twist to the classic kidnapping theme (and the O. Henry story "The Ransom of Red Chief") that will have you laughing through your tears.

Texan Will "Waco" McCain is in a heap of trouble with the Confederates. He'll have to rob a bank and turn the money over or hang. When that proves impossible, Waco kidnaps the banker's stepdaughter, Rosemary Burke.

Plump, stubborn Rosemary might be scared, but she's determined to emulate the beautiful, brave heroines of her novels. Rosemary knows her greedy stepfather won't pay a ransom. He wants her dead so he can inherit the bank. She can't seem to make McCain's men understand that's why they have to keep lowering the ransom, but then being near Waco isn't so bad. He's the only man who doesn't seem to find her rounded figure unattractive. Maybe if she seduces him she can escape, claim her inheritance, give it to Waco and ride off into the sunset with him? (ZEBRA, Jan., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin