Sofia Marino, who portrays kick-ass Cherry Onatop on TV, goes from Hollywood to Hollyweird when she wakes up in the Arizona desert near the posh Camelback Inn with blood on her clothes and partial memory loss. She finds a yellow slicker to replace her clothes, calls her sister Lulu for help and waits in the hotel bar, pretty much unnoticed, which is no small task when you're wearing a raincoat in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sofia is rescued by Joseph Bogart, her sister's brother-in-law. Joe has a secret obsession and blockbuster passion for Sofia, but he's avoiding women after a bad experience that caused him to resign his job as an FBI agent. He suspects this job to protect Sofia is his brother trying to repair his on-hold life.

The whip-cracking suspense plot snaps back and forth between the sexual tension in Arizona and the frenetic events at a Vermont B&B, which involve a winsome gay couple battling doubt of their love, a quarrelsome poltergeist playing random tricks, a couple struggling with impending parenthood and sister Lulu and her husband trying to help Joe solve Sofia's puzzling problem via telephone.

An amnesia theme, a secret baby (plus the not-so-secret one), villainous cowboys and a high-action romantic rescue ending—who could ask for more? (May, 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger