Image of Seduced By Fire: The Submissive Series


Image of Seduced By Fire: The Submissive Series

This series starter is full- on BDSM that titillates and captivates from the beginning. Both Daniel and Julie suffer emotional upheaval when they are separated, as it appears there is no chance for reconciliation, and the reader wonders if Julie can overcome her misgivings and surrender to her deepest feelings. Daniel has broken her heart, and she feels it’s beyond repair. This is an excellent account of the relationship between a Dom and his sub, told with both the super-sexual side of the relationship and the trust necessary between both parties.

When Daniel Weston, vice president of a prestigious bank, first meets Julie in her flower shop, there’s a hint of an attraction that escalates as he suspects her submissive nature. He acts on that knowledge with great care. He’s a Dom through and through and wants her for his own. When Julie’s friend Sasha takes her to an introductory BDSM meeting, she’s surprised to see Daniel there. Despite her initial reluctance, he slowly introduces Julie to submission. Although frightened as first, she eases into the role. What neither realizes is how they’re falling for each other. When Sasha is involved in a scene that gets out of hand, Julie rethinks the lifestyle. Then Daniel scares her, as she feels he changes dramatically. (NAL, Mar., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown