SEDUCED BY HIS TARGET (4.5) by Gail Barrett: Undercover as a member of a dangerous terrorist cell, Rasheed Davar is trying to prevent the biggest terrorist attack of all time when he kidnaps plastic surgeon Nadine Seymour. Nadine, aka Nadira al Kahtani, has left her old life behind. But Rasheed thinks Nadine could help him thwart the pending attack because her father, who is financing the operation, has ordered her kidnapping. Rasheed is as enraptured by Nadine’s beauty and brave spirit as Nadine is by Rasheed’s courageous heart, which places them both in imminent danger. Intriguing and suspenseful with a complex and well-crafted plot, this story will hook readers in from the first page. Add to that heroic characters and a tender love story, and Barrett delivers one exciting read.

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates