Laurell K. Hamilton's newest, SEDUCED BY MOONLIGHT (4), continues her series about Merry Gentry, an honest-to-goodness faery princess. But anyone familiar with Hamilton could guess that her fairies aren't all (or even mostly) sweetness and light. This installment abandons all pretense of an outside mystery plot, involving itself wholly with the politics of the fey courts. The first third concentrates on faery sex and its repercussions, while Merry beds man after man in an attempt to conceive, positioned as she is to inherit the crown of the Unseelie Court if she produces an heir before her cousin. The story picks up as Merry and her harem of guards, all vying to impregnate her, travel to the Unseelie court to assess their allies and enemies. Those unfamiliar with this series might be confused; there is very little backstory here. Hamilton has created a fascinating faery world in the heart of modern America, but readers might want a little more in the way of plot advancement not involving sex. (Feb., 370 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum